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  • Brand auditing: an analysis of status, products and services covered, unmet needs study, optimization of registers (avoiding possible duplication), monitoring of expiry deadlines and so on.
  • Resolution of procedural and legal consultations.
  • Searches and feasibility reports regarding trademarks worldwide.
  • Registration of trademarks at all levels (domestic, EU and international, including national registration in any country).
  • Monitoring of trademark registrations (domestic, EU and international) by examining the various bulletins and journals, analyzing similarities and identities.
  • Formulation of claims and objections to the relevant bodies.
  • Formulation and participation in ordinary administrative appeals.
  • Preparation and submission of applications for official grants in the field of trademark registration.
  • Intellectual protection.
  • Patents and utility models.
  • Industrial design.
  • Advising, management and legal advice in adjudicatory or arbitrary proceedings, in the industrial and intellectual property area.

LICENTIA LAW SERVICES, specialized in:

  • Insurance contrats, defending insurance companies and insured.
  • Procedures of the division of the commonly owned goods, termination of co-ownership, judicial division of assets.
  • Breach of contractual duties. Resolution or execution of contrats and claim for damages.
  • Urban and agricultural leases: resolution of conflicts.
  • Divorces, separations, amending measures and every legal matter related to familiar crises.
  • Inheritances, patitions of inheritance, contesting of wills, etc.
  • Contracts: composition and analyse of every type of contract.
  • Process related to judicial authorization of sales.
  • Claim amount.
  • Liability claims for damages resulting from accidents and negligence.
  • Resumption of an interrupted chain of succession and of property inscription.
  • Nulity of contracts and pacts.
  • Actions related to Condominium.
  • General terms of contracting.
  • Mortgage complain for the defense of banking entities in case of non-payment.
  • Consumer complaints and defense in the case of violation of their rights (interest rate floor, company abuses, etc.).
  • Advice, management and lawyer assistance in legal and arbitrary processes.
  • Management and lawyer assistance in administrative procedures in defence of the administrate interests.
  • Advice and support to Public Administrations in administrative procedures, records liability.
  • Workplace accidents.
  • Defects in the constructive process and in the decennial liability.
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