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Intellectual property and ICT


We provide advice for the protection of literary, artistic and scientific works, technical drawings, designs, software development and databases, as well as multimedia and audiovisual works.

Copyright protection


  • Entry of works in the Registry of Intellectual Property and international copyright offices
  • Notarial deposit
  • Procurement of certification and registry reports on registered works
  • Preparation and drafting of documents establishing ownership rights (custom contracts, salaried author)
  • Legal opinions and reports
  • Authorization for use of third party works

Intermediary services for both the acquisition of rights of third parties for inclusion in one’s own works, as well as in relation to collective management organizations (VEGAP, EGEDA, SGAE, CEDAR, AIE, etc.) in order to obtain profitable deals for both parties.

ICT area

We guide companies creating or adapting their content to the new formats making up the new business models (DTT, content distribution platforms, web 2.0, etc.) through this new environment.

We provide:

  • Registration of your website
  • Authorization for use of content (text, images, music)
  • Custom web development
  • Terms of Use disclaimer
  • Establishment of web links
  • Use of the news
  • Domain registration
  • Use of copy left licenses (Creative Commons)
  • Brand/copyright protection
  • Protection of databases
  • Software rating and registration
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