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licentia law services

Licentia law Services counts with a multidisciplinary and innovative team that offers specialized or comprehensive legal advice to individuals, companies and institutions. Our team helps them to find answers and solutions to their legal problems with a tailored service

We are a group of highly qualified professionals, entrepeneurial, enthusiastic and expert in the advicing and legal defence of companies, individuals and institutions in the different branches of the law.

Our signature piece are the empaty towards the cliente, the constant worrying in understanding their necessities and a strict compliance of profesional rules of ethics. These qualities and our wide experience, academic training and availability, consolidate us as one of the most professional buffets in the area. We work daily with a constant engagement in offering a queality legal service.

Our company developes the professional activity in all the legal fields, contributing with professionality, liability and compromise in all the levels and the aspects. We offer our clients responsable, accurate, specific and suitable legal solutions in the defence of their legitimate interests.

We always give tailored advice to our clientes as well as daily good deeds, offering with them a professional, accurate and quality service. Our client give us the objective and we begin to work hard.

We have a wide experience in:


  • INSURANCE HIRING: Insurance contrats, defending insurance companies and insured.
  • FAMILY LAW: divorces, separations, parent-child measures, adoption, guard, foster care, family enforcement of a sentence, alimony, guardianship, visits.
  • SUCESSIONS AND INHERITANCES. Partition of a sucession statement, separation of the inheritance, heirs, legatees, partitions,...
  • OBLIGATIONS AND CONTRATS. Eviction, writting of contrats of sale purchase, rent, recovering of debts, special clauses,...
  • BANK RIGHT. Abusive clauses, interest rate floors.
  • CONDOMINIUM: complaint of non-payment, alterations in the common elements.


  • Injury crimes, negligent homicide, familiar abuse, coercion, threats, injuries, slanders,...
  • Crimes against property, theft, theft, fraud, misappropriation, etc.
  • Crimes for non-payment of food, etc.


  • Workplace accidents, disabilities, etc.


  • Real state liability complaints.
  • Appeal to traffic lines, etc.
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