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  • InnovaCción award ceremony


    On the 5th of December, the act of delivery of the first edition of the Innovation Awards took place at the headquarters of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. The InnovaCcion Awards encourage innovation and the creation of value in the Consumer Goods industry through different categories. This initiative has brought together professionals from the […]

  • New courts specialized in industrial property in Galicia, Andalusia and the Canary Islands


    The General Council of the Judiciary has agreed that several courts of Andalusia, Canary Islands and Madrid have specialization in matters relating to industrial property, such as distinctive signs, industrial designs, patents and utility models. This action implies the application of the principles of closeness and decentralization necessary for the type of matter to be […]

  • The traffic accident suffered by a shell catcher during the transfer of the product to the fish market is qualified as a work accident


    This is declared by the Social Chamber of the Supreme Court in the Judgment delivered on June 27, 2018. In the aforementioned Judgment, the Supreme Court establishes that the displacement for the transfer of shellfish from the beach to the fish market is not a complementary and instrumental activity. For this purpose, it states that […]

  • Analysis of the first semester of the Strategic Plan 2017-2020 on Industrial Property of the OEPM


    In June 2017, the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan on Industrial Property was presented and approved. An initiative of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office for which they intend to constitute Industrial Property as a tool and key factor when making decisions of companies and entrepreneurs and in turn create a culture based on knowledge of Industrial […]

  • The OEPM and PREMO sign an agreement on intellectual property


    The company PREMO S.L. has signed an agreement with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office in order to establish a cooperation framework and facilitate, promote and stimulate the knowledge and use of Industrial Property rights within the company. The company, dedicated to the manufacture of innovative inductive components, will promote, through collaboration, the promotion of […]

  • Recognition of the right of a celiac worker that can have a gluten-free menu in the company dining room


    This is declared by the Social Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León in Judgment delivered on October 2, 2017. The aforementioned ruling establishes that the Collective Agreement for the labor personnel, applicable to the matter under judgment, included the right to free enjoyment of the dining room service, as long […]

  • The Tax Agency intervenes 3.1 million counterfeit products in 2017


    The AEAT has made public the results of 2017 in its anti-piracy activity. The Department of Customs and Special Taxes intervened in 2017 a total of 3.1 million counterfeit products in a total of 2,999 operations, as well as through 87 attestations with their corresponding complaints for crimes against Intellectual and Industrial Property. The value of the […]

  • On May 25, 2018 begins to apply the general regulation of data protection


    This Regulation repeals Directive 95/46 / EC, and its objective is to guarantee high standards of data protection adapted to the digital reality of today’s world. Among the novelties introduced by this Regulation, the following stand out: 1.- It extends the principles to be taken into account for the processing of personal data. These principles […]

  • International Intellectual Property Day is celebrated on April 26


    Since its creation in 2000, by the World Intellectual Property Organization, every April 26th is celebrated the World Intellectual and Industrial Property Day. In this commemoration, the role played by IP rights in the promotion of innovation and creativity is made known. The motto of 2018 is “Creators of change: women in innovation and creativity”, […]

  • The inclusion of personal data in a register of defaulters, by a mobile phone company, constitutes an illegitimate interference in the right of honor when the customer questions the existence and amount of the debt


    According to the reiterated jurisprudence of the Supreme Court, it is not possible to include in the files of Registries of Defaulters personal data of those who legitimately disagree with the creditor regarding the existence and amount of the debt. The Supreme Court establishes that the data included in the Defaulters’ Records must comply with […]

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